Hot Water Bottle Cover in Latin Herbal black

Hot Water Bottle Cover in Latin Herbal black


A soft quilted hot water bottle cover, designed to help in those cold winter months. Using a pure linen outer fabric and lined with 100% organic cotton, these quilted hot water bottle covers are not so thick that you don't feel the heat, but are soft enough to take to bed.

Note: There are no zips or buttons to ruin the softness. To pull the cover on, simply empty the hot water bottle cover, fold in half and slip into the cover. Once in cover, there is no need to remove the hot water bottle, simply fold back the collar to empty or fill.

Please note also that the Latin Herbal design is cut from a large repeat pattern. The way the fabric is cut for each product varies and as such, the final appearance of the print design varies from product to product. Some products may have mainly the text part of the pattern and very little botanical illustration, some may have more botanical elements.

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