Memi Designs is a small textiles label founded in 2007 by designer Melanie Hayes. Melanie originally trained as an artist  and then went on to study graphic design. While attempting to balance her art practice and design work, Melanie wanted to find a way to marry her two worlds. She started screen-printing fabrics on her kitchen table and stitching up ideas for designs in her spare room. On her morning walks, Melanie sketched silhouettes of trees and other motifs which would eventually become print designs. Separately, she worked on sourcing quality base fabrics, and was drawn to raw, natural linens.  As the range gained momentum, the business outgrew Melanie’s house and also her capacity to produce on her own - she moved into business premises and started outsourcing to local makers. Thus a passion grew to become an established business, now more than a decade in operation. 

In 2010, after difficulty finding reliable makers in Melbourne, Memi Design’s production shifted to Tamil Nadu in India. The shift was made with careful and consideration and care - visiting different manufacturers and getting a real insight into where the products were made and under what kind of circumstances. The factory where Memi Designs products are made is small and family run. It is housed in a beautiful building with large windows opening out onto rice fields in South Central India. The factory has SA 8000 certification which provides a framework to help organisations demonstrate their dedication to the fair treatment of workers. 

Memi Designs is also committed to minimising it's environmental impact. Organic fabrics are used where possible, paper and card products are made from recycled material and biodegradable liners are used in packing cartons. We have consciously decided to discard the fashion model of bi-seasonal ranges - electing a model where we add new designs slowly and only when needed, thus minimising waste and consciously not engaging in the fast fashion cycles.

Memi Designs is dedicated to timeless design that outlasts trends and quality items made to endure. We hope you enjoy our range!