Lavender Drawerliner in Latin Herbal black

Lavender Drawerliner in Latin Herbal black


These pure linen, handprinted drawerliners are thinner than our lavender bags, being designed to slip comfortably between layers of folded clothes or linen, or to put at the bottom of drawers. Free of artificial additives, they are filled with pure lavender petals whose unique plant structure retain their delicate oils for years, releasing their scent gradually to keep your clothes fresh and beautifully perfumed. Lavender has also been used traditionally to ward off moths and preserve fabrics.

They measure roughly 15cm x 21cm and are roughly 5mm thick.

Please note that the Latin Herbal design is cut from a large repeat pattern. The way the fabric is cut for each product varies and as such, the final appearance of the print design varies from product to product. Some products may have mainly the text part of the pattern and very little botanical illustration, some may have more botanical elements.

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