Heatpack in Latin Herbal white

Heatpack in Latin Herbal white


Filled with beautifully scented lavender flowers and wheat, this heat pack can be used to ease aches and pains, or to help warm the body in those chillier months. The front of the packs are made from screenprinted, pure linen while the backs are made from a soft, 100% organic cotton. They can be heated using microwave or oven and instructions are included.

Dimensions are (unfolded):  12.5cm wide x 45.5cm long (depth variable).

Please note that the Latin Herbal design is cut from a large repeat pattern. The way the fabric is cut for each product varies and as such, the final appearance of the print design varies from product to product. Some products may have mainly the text part of the pattern and very little botanical illustration, some may have more botanical elements.

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